With a meticulous and curated approach to creative casting and scouting, Damian Bao Casting delivers expert professional casting support for narrative film, documentary, television, advertising, commercial, branded content, fashion, beauty, lifestyle, music video, new media, and live event productions of all sizes.

Below are our casting and production services. Please note that our capabilities are not limited to the following list. Please feel free to email us to check on how we can help meet your production needs.


  • traditional casting for actors (principals and featured background) for film, TV, commercial
  • model casting (fashion, beauty, lifestyle, editorial, fashion show)
  • character casting
  • influencer casting
  • celebrities negotiations
  • real people casting and searches
  • street casting via regional, national, and international street scouting
  • fashion show casting and support
  • global online and location open calls to discover new talent
  • special talent casting for specific background, stories, abilities, disabilities, or unique looks and features
  • LGBTQI and non-binary talent casting
  • kids casting
  • voice over casting
  • body parts casting
  • animals casting
  • live event casting and scouting
  • testimonials
  • consultation on strategic celebrity and influencer partnerships
  • endorsement consultations
  • brand ambassadors casting
  • ethnographic consultation for casting


  • SAG-AFTRA and non-union productions
  • casting and booking talent
  • analyzing scripts and breaking down character descriptions
  • sending breakdown to top talent agencies and managers
  • negotiating contract
  • handling talent payment and payroll
  • creating budget estimates and consulting on production bids
  • art buying
  • schedule planning
  • on-set coordination and management
  • talent support
  • shoot location consultation
  • consulting and negotiating on rates, contracts, and usages
  • knowledge of industry standards for film, commercial, and fashion casting
  • knowledge of union contracts and requirements
  • advanced up-to-date casting technology
  • options for clients to view online casting presentations of digital images, talent portfolios, social media profiles, audios, and videos
  • downloadable presentations for clients who are in remote locations with slow Internet
  • live video casting and conferencing
  • casting calls
  • callback sessions


  • script and treatment consultation and notes
  • managing and coordinating script workshops and film screenings
  • creative consultation on industry trends
  • ethnographic research
  • social-political research
  • market research
  • conversations with real consumers
  • tone-deaf and sensitivity check for treatments and scripts
  • genuine diversity casting reports
  • interviewing services
  • casting mood boards to support agencies, producers, and directors
  • background and social media checks