Damian Bao Casting is a top global creative casting studio that does traditional casting by considering represented actors and models and specializes in a seamless hybrid authentic casting style that combines actors, models, artists, real people, and dynamic street finds to create bold and striking visual projects in film and advertising.

We advocate for authenticity, inclusivity, diversity, and empathy and celebrate individuality and unique voices through storytelling. We help clients and collaborators worldwide break rules and break the glass ceiling on screen and behind the scenes. Meticulously led by casting director and producer Damian Bao, we are unapologetic visual troublemakers.


Damian Bao

Damian Bao (he/they) is a casting director, photographer, filmmaker, producer, strategist, and creative consultant based in New York City.

Damian has casted global advertising campaigns, editorials, runway shows, branded content, commercials, music videos, and feature films since 2011. His work involves identifying top models, actors, influencers, and artists and assessing the portfolios of potential newcomers. In addition, he has a particular eye for street casting real people and unsigned talent with distinct looks, experiences, and abilities. He seeks out individuals who are able to genuinely convey the stories being told via still images and motion videos. He enjoys traveling near and far to discover talent for his projects and making long-lasting friendships with beautiful souls from all corners of the world.

Raised by refugee parents from Vietnam in an ethnically diverse trailer park community in New Orleans, the surroundings of Damian’s childhood provided him with a rich exposure to the human experience. His unique life story as a marginalized outsider belonging to multiple disenfranchised groups has allowed him to speak from the heart when fighting for change.

Casting Director Damian Bao and Model Xiao Wen Ju

He is passionate about highlighting the beauty in everyday people who are making important differences in their community. He pushes for projects that celebrate these unsung heroes. He is an advocate for more representation for those who are often invisible or voiceless in the media. Determined to redefine and reshape how society limits the concept of beauty, Damian strives to uplift the human spirit by encouraging empathy and understanding through his works.

Damian Bao recently finished the casting of two feature films: Sam de Jong’s Goldie (2019), produced by Vice Films (Vice Media & 20th Century Fox) and AgX, and Danielle Lessovitz’s Port Authority (2019), produced by RT Features, Sikelia Productions, and Madeleine Films and executive produced by Martin Scorsese. For both films, he spearheaded a hybrid casting strategy that combined actors with cinematic and dynamic street finds.

Directors, photographers, producers, creative agencies, and brands seek Damian’s sharp eye and instincts to help them create culturally relevant visual stories that are elevated, bold, genuine, raw, and distinct and discover the hard to find. As he continues to challenge the status quo, Damian hopes to open more doors for those from communities that lack opportunity. He welcomes collaborators who share his love and enthusiasm for discovering authentic and spirited characters.