From my current home New York City to my hometown New Orleans to where my first love came to live and die California to where we can be reborn again Las Vegas to a rare once in every decade desert flower bloom in Death Valley… In between moments of pain and pleasure, beauty and ugliness, cries and laughter… For work and for play… Feeling blessed and feeling damned… Making new friends and reconnecting with old lovers… Enjoying new experiences and caving into nostalgia… The first half of this year reminded me that I am at core a diehard romantic lover. And I will always be unapologetic about it.

Love is a blessing. Love is a curse. Love is when you are overwhelmed with emotions. Love is the moment when reality clashes with fantastical passion. Love is strength exposed to vulnerability. Love is wanting to have it all. Love is leaving with nothing at all.

Shot by Damian Bao in 2016 with his iPhone. Follow Damian’s VSCO Grid at http://damianbao.vsco.co.