May 3, 2020

Dear Friends,

I recently celebrated my birthday last month and went through a dive of photos from the past decade. 2010-2020 was a wild and amazing ride! It has been a decade of self realization and much transitioning spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally, and also visually — most dominantly and playfully through my hair. Lol…

Although I was not born rich, I have been blessed later in life with opportunities and some good luck to have lived an extraordinary life full of adventures all around the world. I deeply cherish my adventures and the good fortunes from kind souls and good friends who shared their time and/or resources with me.

Right now, I have decided to pursue a personal project that I am naming: 10 YEARS HAIRSTORY: LET’S RECONNECT, MY FRIENDS!

Why the name? Well, my hair usually does not stay the same style for long, especially in the first half of the past decade. Haha! Depending on the year we first met, I have looked quite different throughout the decade.

If we met, even once, in the past decade and took a picture together or you took a picture with me in it, I would love to hear from you. Or if we met and connected for even just 5 minutes and it was memorable to you even though we have no photos, I would love to hear from you too.

Last year at the end of 2019, I started to buy physical photo albums and promised myself that I would print pictures of the amazing journeys that I have had and of the beautiful souls that have blessed me with their kindness and/or friendship, big or small.

Marie Kondo: “Why?”

Damian Bao: “Because memories bring me joy!”

I want to have a physical way to be reminded of how wonderful life and the people in this world are, and I want to celebrate our connection in print.


Say hello and send past images to the below email! Tell me where in the world you are now and what you are currently doing, how are you, if you remember the year we first met, and any memories!

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Email Me! =) —-> reconnect@damianbao.org


xx DB