Project Details:
Project: Velcro 2021 Family Spots
Client: Velcro
Type: Non Union Video + Stills
Shoot Location: NYC
Required COVID Test: Dec 14 (TBD Location in Manhattan NYC or talent can go to their doctor in their own neighborhood.)
Fittings: Dec 15 (virtual)
Shoot: Dec 16 + 17 in NYC (Talent will work only one day.)
Usage: 1 year digital for motion & stills.
Talent Rate per person:
$1,500 for adults (up to 10 hour shoot day)
$1,000 for kids
(+20% AF for agency talent if needed)

Casting Breakdown:

Please note:

  • For Family Play, the mom is not being shot on camera with dad + boy. We would love to cast a real family for this but are also open to matching an individual with a real dad + son.
  • For the Entrepreneur spot, we would love to consider real Black families with 2 parents and 2 kids, but we are also open to a single Black mom with 2 kids or 2 Black siblings age 5-10 that will be matched with actors playing the parents who are shot at a different time and room from them.
  • For Art’s Garage, there is a big chance that the father and son roles may be shot separately.
  • For Birthday Party, the Latinx grandfather can be an individual since he’s not shot with the mom + son. We are super open to cast the real grandfather of the Latinx son we cast so please submit with your grandfather if you can.

FAMILY PLAY: Caucasian Family with 1 Child:

Casting a real family with 2 parents (Caucasian, age 30-55) with 1 kid (boy, Caucasian, age 5-8). Both parents and the kid must be comfortable being on camera. In the scene, the mom is making costumes for dad and child.

ENTREPRENEURS: Black Family with 2 Children:

Casting a Black family with 2 kids (a boy + a girl age 5-10). Parents and kids must be comfortable being on camera. In the scene, the mom is organizing her home office. Parents must be African American, age 30-55. Open to families with 2 parents as well as single mom families as the dad part will not shoot in the same room as mom and kids

ART’S GARAGE: Caucasian Father and Son

Casting a real dad (man, Caucasian, age 30-55) and his son (boy, Caucasian, age 9-13). Both parent and kid must be comfortable being on camera. In the scene, the dad is showing his child how to make things in the garage.

BIRTHDAY PARTY: Latinx Mom and Child:

Casting a real mom (woman, Latinx, age 30-50) and her child (boy, Latinx, age 5-10). Both parent and kid must be comfortable being on camera. In the scene, the family is celebrating a birthday.

BIRTHDAY PARTY: Latinx Grandpa:

Casting Latinx man age 60-80 to play a grandfather speaking to his family on a video call. In the scene, the family is celebrating a birthday.




APPLICABLE ROLESPlease check all that apply to you and all members of your family in this submission. (The name of the scene/spot is in parenthesis.)
Are you and everyone listed above legal to work in the US?
Are you and everyone listed above available to shoot in NYC on Dec 16 + 17? (Talent will work only one day but we need everyone to be available for both days for now.


Upload 3 Current Natural Photos of You or Your Family that are NOT photoshopped or altered! Selfies are fine. If you are submitting as a group/family, please make sure images include everyone being considered between the 3 photos. You must upload 3  images for the  form to successfully submit. Each image cannot exceed 5MB (5000KB). 

Information you have submitted will remain confidential and will only be used for casting purposes. We may keep your information on file and reach out to you directly for other casting opportunities.

Please email "" if you have any issues submitting the form.