Project: Slynd: Let’s Love Every Body Campaign (video + image)
Type: Non Union Video and Image Campaign for Healthcare Company
Client: Slynd
Director: Symone Ridgell
Shoot Location: NYC

Talent Rate: (what we will pay you)
Session Fee: $500/day (up to 10-hour shoot day)
Usage Buyout Fee: $2,000 (inclusive of rights to UGC and talent’s owned media) if used
+ 20 Agency Fee for represented talent

About the Brand:
Slynd® is the only estrogen-free oral contraceptive with a flexible 24-hour window to catch up on an occasional missed pill. Many women are limited in their choice for oral contraceptives for various reasons. Slynd is an option that avoids unnecessary hormones, which may be a good fit for women who have a high BMI, are breastfeeding or have estrogen-related risks.

Term Length: 1 Year
Terms & Territory: Worldwide for Digital, Web, Social, PR. USA only for CTV and Print Marketing Materials (like for OBGYN sales materials). Unless active usage is extended via paid buyout, Client will not actively promote or re-post the Images after the usage term length has expired. Client is not obliged to delete social media posts (including but not limited to Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, Youtube, etc) or blog posts posted during the usage term length. Internal company usage for research and internal reference in perpetuity.

Important Dates:
Oct 7: Deadline to Submit the below form by 3pm
Oct 11: Possible Zoom Callbacks from 1pm – 6pm ET
Oct 13-16: Director’s Pre-Interviews with Confirmed Cast
Oct 16: Wardrobe Fitting
Oct 17: Shoot Day


About the Campaign:
The campaign wants to show dimension in our women’s lives through the process of interview, archival footage, stills and b roll – i.e. a mixed media project.


We are looking for 6 engaging, confident women with a compelling story about their relationship with their bodies, whether they consider themselves “body positive” or are working on it.

We are looking for women who radiate health and inner beauty regardless of size or age. Our ideal candidates feel comfortable talking honestly about their bodies, their sexual health, their journey toward body positivity, their teen years, their relationship with food, fitness, health. We are not looking for perfection; we are seeking to partner with women who are authentic and honest, which makes them inspiring to us!

If you fit any of the categories below, please submit!!!

Age 21-36: Active women with high BMI/higher weight
Age 25-35: Women who are health-conscious and into yoga, running, martial arts, dance, veganism, etc.
Age 30-35: Women who are delaying or skipping children
Age 30-45: New moms with a child age 1 month-36 months
Age 35-45: Women with risk factors for other contraceptive pills (high blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, family history of heart attacks or stroke, risk for blood clots)