Project: High End Liquor Commercial
Type: Non-Union
Shoot Location: NYC
Shoot Date: Tuesday, August 1, 2023
Exclusivity: None
Usage: 6 Months. All Media. North America, Caribbean, Central America, South America

Talent Rates:

Principals (OCPs):
Fitting: $75 (up to 2 hours)
Session: $500/day (12-hour shoot day)
Usage: $2,000 OCP buyout (Paid if the talent is facially recognizable in the final materials for over 1 second)

Featured Extras:
Fitting: $75 (up to 2 hours)
Session: $500/day (12-hour shoot day)
Usage: $500 FE buyout (Guaranteed Paid)

Background Extras:
Flat Fee: $250/day (12-hour shoot day)

All Talent must be 25 or older with ID and must have Latino heritage.


ABUELA (OCP) – Latina. Age 60-90. Latino or Mexican grandmother sitting with her grandkids in the kitchen.

REAL BARTENDER (OCP) – Latino/Afro-Latino Male, Age 25-40. Must have bartending experience. Ideally a real working bartender for this role!

MERENGUE/BACHATA COUPLE (OCP) –  Age 25-40. Dominican or Puerto Rican Real Couple who can dance merengue. Does not have to be professional dancers, but must both be able to dance well with each other and have fun. You can apply as a real romantic couple or real dancing partners/friends. We are looking for natural chemistry.

PROFESSIONAL DJ (OCP) – Latino Male or Female, Age 25-40. Must have DJ-ing experience.

STYLISH MEN & WOMEN (OCP, Featured Extras, or Background) – Latino Male or Female, Age 25-40.  Looking for great personal style. All body types welcome.